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Android vs iOS Development: Pros and Cons of Each Platform

The iOS vs Android debate never seems to end. As a user, you already know that there are pros and cons to using each operating system. You may use Android or iOS based on your preferences. As a developer, it is not this easy. Mobile usage is increasing day by day. A 56 percent of global internet traffic is carried out on mobile devices. Though android is more popular globally, it is not the only thing that matters. Android development and iOS development are different and have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you are here, you are probably wondering which is the one for you. Let’s go over some of the basics of each operating system and its pros and cons. 

Developing Apps – iOS vs Android 

Developing applications for the Android system means that you are making an application for all devices that run on the Android operating base. Most manufacturers actually prefer the Android operating system because it is free. It was created by Android but is currently owned by Google. Developing an application for the iOS system simply means creating something for all the devices operating on the iOS system. Apple users are less common than android users so keep in mind that applications made for iOS are more exclusive. Android is also more accessible for developers than Apple.

Let’s talk Business

If you are manufacturing an app, your first goal is to make money from it. It is important to talk about numbers before making a decision. You want to take into account what is more profitable for you. Let’s go through the statistics and see what they tell us. 

Market Share

Studies confirm that Android users exceed iOS users by a significant number. The reason is android phones are way cheaper than Apple. There are many companies that are making Android phones and they are available at different prices. You can find very cheap smartphones operating on the Android system base but Apple is very exclusive in terms of price. Below you can see the difference between the market share of the iOS and Android systems. 

Revenue Generation

You may think that having more users is equivalent to generating more cash. Well, it is not the case. App Store is actually ahead of Google Play in this area. App store users spend more on purchasing apps than Android users. The graph below will help you make your decision.

Number of Downloads

As you know, Android is more widespread than iOS. More Android devices mean an increased number of downloads. Android is the winner and has the lead when it comes to the number of downloads by a noteworthy difference. 

Pros of Android App Development

  • Launching or publishing your apps on Android is way easier than doing so on iOS.Your app goes live within a few hours after uploading Android PacKage. 
  • Good has comprehensive guidelines available for developers which are quite helpful. Developers can use them to create aesthetically pleasing apps. 
  • Android is more accessible to developers. It offers features to developers that are restricted by iOS. 
  • Android is very flexible to work with. There are multiple crowdsourcing frameworks and plugins available for developers to experiment with. Android provides developers more features to play with than iOS. 

Cons of Android App Development

  • Android caters to different devices like smartphones, TVs, laptops, streaming devices, etc. It can be considered as both a pro and con. It makes it difficult for developers to design an app that runs smoothly across all platforms. Android should add more features to ensure less work for developers.
  • Multiple Android versions and devices make it difficult to effectively test the app before publishing it. 

Pros of iOS App Development 

  • Apple creates all hardware and software itself. This makes iOS more fast and stable. It is more responsive and has strict guidelines. Piracy is also not a thing on this platform. 
  • The development process is agile on iOS because there is less fragmentation. The iOS operating system is only for Apple devices which makes it easy to develop and test apps.
  • Apple’s first goal is to always provide users with an exceptional experience. They have created an extensive guide for developers to deliver a great user experience.

Cons of iOS Development

  • Apple has very strict criteria for publishing apps. Your app may get rejected because of poor performance, bugs, lack of good content, and other issues. Also, your app gets reviewed by Apple before it goes live which takes few days. 
  • iOS is not very flexible when it comes to app development. You may find yourself confined with only a few design guidelines and this can affect the performance of your app as well. 



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