13 totally useful mobile apps to make your life easier

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useful mobile apps

13 totally useful mobile apps to make your life easier

Make the most of your phone with useful mobile apps. Your app store is full of brilliant apps and you may be unaware of most of them. Bring some structure and harmony to your life by downloading 13 totally useful mobile apps to make your life easier. Scroll down for all the useful apps you need on your phone. 


LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to connect with professionals belonging to your field. You can build contacts and find yourself amazing career opportunities through this app. It has a job section where jobs are posted. You can send your CV to different organizations and apply for multiple jobs using LinkedIn. 

  • CamScanner

For all my android users, CamScanner is a handy app. You do not need to run to the photocopier to get your documents scanned. You can scan your document through your phone anytime you need. It creates PDF files of your documents and allows you to send them via email and messaging apps. 

  • Mint

Budget managing apps are a must-have. They let you track your money habits. Using a budget manager, you can save money by knowing where you spend your money the most. You can be your own auditor and save a great deal of money by having an app like Mint on your phone.

  • Google Drive

Who does not love free storage? Google app is a convenient way to store your data like pictures, documents, etc online for free. If your data is on google drive, you can access it from any device using your login. It offers 15GB of free backup. It is a safe and effective way to store your data. Even if you misplace your device, your data remains with you. 

  • Evernote

Clumsy like me? You need Evernote in your life. It lets you organize yourself and all your tasks. You can use it to plan your activity, take notes, make a to-do list, set reminders, and search your data quickly and efficiently. It brings structure and a sense of order to your daily routine. Most of the best android apps are usually not available on the app store but this one is. 

  • Snapseed

The internet is full of photo editing apps but Snapseed is our favorite. It contains remarkable tools that make your pictures a visual treat. You can remove objects from your pictures using it. It makes editing fun and playful. Getting more reach on your pictures and videos is no problem with Snapseed. 

  • Amazon

How can we not add amazon to our list of most useful mobile apps? You all probably already have amazon on your phone but it won’t stop us from raving about it. This app brings us everything to our doorstep. The biggest benefit of shopping from this app is you get plenty of options ranging from low to high prices. Great customer service and fast delivery work like icing on the cake. 

  • Uber

Make commute painless with Uber. You no longer need to stand on the side of the street and wait for a cab to stop. Order uber and let your ride find you. It is a quick way to transport around the city. You can even customize your transport needs. For example, you can share your cab with other people using Uber Pool to make it affordable. 

  • Google translate

Moving abroad soon and do not know their language? Planning to take a vacation somewhere exotic? Are you studying in a Non-English speaking country? We know it is tough and we recommend downloading google translate to make your life easy. You can even translate texts with it using your camera. It breaks the barriers of language and lets you connect with the world freely.


IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. Our list of useful mobile apps will be incomplete without this addition. This app gathers everything you need in one place. Use it to turn your appliances on/off, adjust the temperature in your apartment, get the weather update, backup data, save pictures from Instagram, and whatnot. It has won the Editor’s choice award because it is simply genius. 

  • Google Maps 

Google is like that one friend who is always there for us. Want a free backup? Need storage for pictures? Looking for a translator? Scheduling online meetings? Forgot your way?  Google is always at your service. With google maps, enjoy every ride without worrying about taking a wrong turn. In the best android apps, we love it the most. It allows you to reach everywhere on time. Timesaving is no issue with google maps. 

  • MyFitnessPal

 All my fitness enthusiasts, this is for you. It is an all-in-one app that offers you everything you need to maintain your health. Track your calorie intake, water intake, fitness goals, footsteps, and stay on top of your workout routine using the best fitness app. MyFitnessPal keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goal and prioritize your health over everything. 

  • TikTok

TikTok needs no introduction. It is a super entertaining app that has tons of creative and informative videos. It is mind-blowing to see what people can covey in just 60 seconds. This app is the pinnacle of innovation in mobile apps. It has changed the face of creativity for us. It is free and accessible to all. It has become popular in a short time and for all the right reasons. 



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