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Webflow is a SaaS application that allows designers to build responsive websites with browser-based visual editing software. While designers use the tool, Webflow automatically generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Websites built on Webflow are powered by Amazon Cloudfront and hosted on Fastly.
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Webflow is built for professionals

Webflow sometimes gets lumped in with less sophisticated web builders. If you’re a developer, and you’ve made that judgment, I can understand the hesitation.

Use modern layout tools like flexbox and CSS grid

Working visually in Webflow doesn’t mean you have limited options for layouts.

Flexible and powerful CMS

Building static pages visually in Webflow is cool. But as any seasoned developer knows, websites that are meant to live and grow rely heavily on the CMS underneath the hood.

Build completely custom interactions and animations

Building layouts from scratch is level 1 Webflow. Powering those layouts with custom CMS content is level 2. But why stop there? Level 3 is Webflow’s interactions and animations tools.

Webflow lets you work with code visually, in a familiar UI
While code ninjas can practically see a website come to life from their lines of code, most designers have, well, a harder time with that. Even when they know enough code to be “dangerous.”
Webflow makes responsive design 10x easier
Now, imagine finishing out your desktop design, then clicking a single button to reveal an already-complete reflow of your design for the tablet. And smartphone landscape and smartphone portrait.
Webflow CMS lets you design hundreds of pages at once
If you’ve done the latter, you know how valuable building your sites using real content can be. With real content, you: Build real empathy with your users Identify what types of content they actually create, instead of what you think they create Quickly pick up on edge cases.
Webflow bridges the design-development gap
If you work with developers to bring your designs to life, you know how difficult and time-consuming that collaboration can be. With you designing static mockups and your developers coding them to match, it’s like you’re constantly starting from scratch.
Webflow bridges the design-content gap
Designers tend to outnumber content creators (by a lot). There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this imbalance, but it does mean that writers tend to be constantly swamped. So instead of working in parallel, design tends to pull ahead of content. Leaving us content people with the unenviable task of fitting our words into layouts we had no opportunity to influence.
Webflow makes landing page creation a breeze
Webflow streamlines that process by letting you create Team Templates—shared site designs you can clone with a click, then tweak as needed. And if all that’s needed is a few copies or image changes, you can just publish the page and hand it off to your content editor to update via the CMS.
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