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November 20, 2020
Partner Of The Future

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) integrates all the integral components of your business into a single, digital experience. A company is able to keep track of all their financials, logistics and resources through a unified channel.

The educational sector throughout the world suffered a major downfall due to the pandemic, limiting students and staff’s ability for physical classes, with physical schooling no longer an option, everyone realized a need for virtual learning channels.

Our team at VRTECHSOL mobilized and transitioned all the required documents along with proper class scheduling and enabling e-documents submission through Office 365 E-Learning Module for over 10+ RTO Colleges in Melbourne. The outcomes of this ERP software assisted both the institute and the learners without compromising data loss and educational standards.

Transition to Office 365 brought the below value ads for the end users:

  • Improved Accessibility and Team Connectivity
  • Effective Classroom Sessions with Screen and Data Sharing
  • Improved Inter-Department Collaboration
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Better Staff and Student Management
  • Continued Learning Without Disruption
  • 1 TB of free storage for school material
  • Secured data through SSL Encryption